Upcoming Meetings

We gather for one hour to learn about three non-profit organizations in Washtenaw County. Each presenter has 5 minutes to speak about her organization. We ask questions, and then vote. The non-profit with the most votes receives our group donation. It’s as simple as that!

September 27 from 4-5 pm

Virtual "Zoom" Meeting on Sunday

P L E A S E  J O I N  U S !  --- If you are new to the group go HERE

spring meeting • 4-5:00 pm

Kensington Hotel • 3500 South State St • 48108


We host various Open Houses prior to our meetings. Our Open House events provide potential new members with information about 100+ Women of Washtenaw County. They are fun and informal! Please visit our Facebook page for upcoming dates and time or contact us using the emails on our Contact Us page.

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