Newest Recipients!

MIOCA, Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance to received $19,700 in May 2021

Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance

the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance strives to save the lives of women and girls by promoting the early detection of ovarian cancer and improved treatment outcomes. MIOCA raises awareness of ovarian cancer, provides resources and support to survivors and their families, advocates both locally and federally educates Michigan communities, and funds innovative ovarian cancer research.

MIOCA Website

Past Donations

Go to Washtenaw Community College Home Page October 2020 WCC Student Emergency Fund Debbie Green $20,000
October 2019 Trail’s Edge Camp Jenna Rhodig $21,601
FAN May 2019 Washtenaw Families Against Narcotics Mary Neff  $20,150
October 2018 Hope Dental Clinic Cathy Pietrasiuk $13,150
May 2018 NAMI of Washtenaw County Cheryl Girvan $12,900
OH October 2017 Our House of Michigan Dorene Markel $11,900
May 2017 Safe At Home, EHM Sr. Solutions Heather Feldkamp $11,400
October 2016 Imagination Library Pat Horne McGee $10,700
May 2016 The Friends of the Washtenaw County Hiliary King $11,500
October 2015 Safe House Debbie Green $11,200
May 2015 Girls’ Group Debbie Koch $11,500
October 2014 Ozone House Jeanne Learman $11,400
April 2014 Habitat for Humanity, Huron Valley Jeanne Learman $10,700
October 2013 Arbor Hospice Amy Catell $9,600
April 2013 Ed Project of Washtenaw County Cindy Strong $10,400
October 2012 Girls Group Mary Mostaghim $8,900
April 2012 Hope Clinic Jen Melinski $5,500
October 2011 Ele’s Place Allyson Lyons $3,600

Eligible Charities

Charities must be:
• Local and based in Washtenaw County.
• Must have 501(c)(3) status in Washtenaw County.
• Charitable organizations must be able to provide charitable tax receipts for donations.
• Charities must be actively engaged in the community and executing their mission statement.

Presentation Planning

You have five minutes to give a presentation, so let’s make it count!

Know the facts:
• What is the name of the non-profit and where is it located?
• When was it founded and what is their history?
• What is the mission of the non-profit?
• Who do they serve and how do they do it?

Tell the heart story:
• What is your involvement or connection with the non-profit?
• Why does this non-profit matter to you?
• What are some differences that they make in our community?

Show them the money:
• What impact will our donation make for this non-profit?
• What will our funds be used to support?

Come prepared to educate your fellow members on a non-profit that they may have never heard of before. Know the facts, but also make it personal and tell us how much this non-profit means to you and the community members it helps.

Nominate a Charity Form

Here is a helpful form for you to complete and bring with you to the meeting if you would like to present a charity. Nominate a Charity Form to download.

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